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Brain Training at Home with the SmartMind Home EEG Neurofeedback System

It is now possible to do EEG neurofeedback training with your child in your own home with full oversight support of a neurotherapy professional at a fraction of the cost of having your child do EEG neurofeedback training in the clinic office.

Brain Train Inc.'s new SmartMind3 neurofeedback software for PC computers offers an option for some of Dr. Mueller's clients to do most of their EEG neurofeedback training remotely from home using their own computers connected to the internet cloud. Brain Train Inc.'s SmartMind3 cloud-based technology allows Dr. Mueller to remotely control and supervise each client's training from his office via the internet.

With SmartMind3, Dr. Mueller is able to select appropriate EEG training protocols for each individual client and create individualized training sessions for the client to access and run on his/her own computer from home. Dr. Mueller is also able to access client training data, monitor client training progress, and adjust each client's training prtogram as may be needed via the internet cloud.

With the help of a parent or on their own if an adult, and the purchase of Brain Train Inc. user-licences, Dr. Mueller's properly authorized clients can use their own computers at home to remotely access individualized SmartMind3 training sessions from the internet cloud. With only an hour or two of training from Dr. Mueller, a parent can easily learn how to do EEG neurofeedback training with his/her child at home using the SmartMind3 system.

The new SmartMind3 system combines EEG neurofeedback with Brain Train Inc.'s renowned, research-based cognitive trainig exercises. It is relatively easy to systematize the training, targeting the specific areas that need attention. SmartMind3 features 24 different neurofeedback games -- enough variety to keep trainees engaged for a long time. The system also interfaces with MP3, CD, and DVD players for customizing audio and video feedback.

Brain Train Inc. does not market SmartMind3 directly to consumers and the system can only be used for neurofeedback training under the supervision of a qualified neurofeedback practitioner registered with Brain Train Inc. As a duly registered neurofeedback practitioner, Dr. Mueller purchases SmartMind3 single-station and single-user licences from Brain Train for each client. These licences permit Dr. Mueller to use the SmartMind3 EEG neurofeedback training system to train individual registered clients in the clinic office as well as to send pre-set training plans to individual registered clients at home via the internet cloud. The pre-set training protocols remain in a secure cloud site that the registered client can access with a personal password. Each registered client is then able to run their EEG training sessions from any compatible home computer at any time by simply connecting to his/her cloud account.

Clients are only able to acccess and run the specific training protocols that Dr. Mueller has created specifically for them and uploaded to their cloud account. As the client completes training sessions at home, his/her performance data is automatically saved to the cloud where Dr. Mueller is able to access the data, monitor client progress, and modify or update the client's active training protocol at any time.

Basic Requirements:

The SmartMind3 system cannot be purchased or accessed without the involvement of a qualified neurofeedback practitioner who is registered with Brain Train Inc. For each SmartMind3 training client, the neurofeedback practitioner must purchase both a single client station licence and a single user licence from Brain Train Inc. (valid for one year). These licences are priced in US dollars and their costs will vary with the USD/CAD exchange rate. Dr. Mueller's fee for these licences is currently: C$850  

Clients will require a compatible desktop or laptop computer running Microsoft Windows 7, 8 or 10 only. SmartMind3 does not currently work with Apple computers.

Also required is a system-compatible EEG encoder/amplifier unit and suitable EEG sensor cables. These may be purchased from Brain Train Inc. or other EEG equipment providers. Purchase costs will vary considerably but will likely exceed US$1500.

Dr. Mueller has a limited number of suitable EEG encoders available for rent and offers suitable EEG sensor cable sets for sale. .

To book a brief consultation at a special reduced fee of only $90 [maximum of 45 minutes; extra time will be charged at normal fee rate] to find out if EEG neurofeedback training with Dr. Mueller in the clinic office or at home using the SmartMind3 system is the right solution for your needs, call Dr. Mueller's 24/7 free voice-mail: 780.318.0445 and leave a message with your name and phone number requesting a call-back from Dr. Mueller. Or, send an e-mail message to Dr. Mueller at: drhmueller@telus.net 

NOTE: SmartMind Home is a registered trademark for a neurofeedback system developed and sold by BrainTrain Inc., 727 Twin Ridge Lane, Richmond, Virgina 23235, USA.  Tel: 800.822.0538 

Pre-Training QEEG Brain Mapping is Still Necessary

All potential SmartMind3 trainees must have a QEEG assessment (EEG brain mapping) done prior to beginning EEG neurofeedback treatment. The QEEG assessment results must be no older than 6 months. The QEEG evaluation records the trainee's brain waves (EEG) and compares the trainee's brain functioning to appropriate age-gender norms. A QEEG assessment is absolutely critical to the development of a EEG neurofeedback treatment plan. Without a pre-treatment QEEG, any neurofeedback treatment protocol would be solely based on guess-work. QEEG assessments may be arranged through Dr. Mueller. 

For more information on QEEG brain mapping GOTO: QEEG Brain Mapping QEEG Brain MappingQ 



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