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Dr. Mueller's office is located within Mind Alive Inc.
6716-75 Street NW, Edmonton, Alberta T6E 6T9.


EFFECTIVE April 01, 2022: Edmonton Neurotherapy will resume offering Quantitative EEG (QEEG) functional brain scanning services. 

Due to the continued presence of COVID-19 in Alberta, Dr. Mueller's office continues to offer in-person office appointments to patients that have been fully vaccinated against COVID and are symptom-free ONLY. Enhanced office cleaning protocols, as well as hand sanitization and personal masking precautions will remain in place.

Remote online video conferencing will continue to be available for consultation, counselling or other support services that can be effectively provided without in-office visits.

For your health and well-being and that of your family, friends and everyone you come in contact with every day, do not hesitate to get and maintain full COVID vaccination.



Dr. Mueller may be contacted by e-mail [preferred] or by leaving a voice-mail message requesting a call-back.

Please DO NOT send text messages.


24-hour confidential voicemail: 780.318.0446 
Email: drhmueller@telus.net 

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Edmonton Neurotherapy.  Dr. Horst H. Mueller, RPsych, CRHSP, BCN, ICPP.

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